[torqueusers] maui sig 11 (seg fault)

Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Aug 10 10:44:08 MDT 2006

I recently recompiled maui and changed a few build-time parameters:


msched-common.h:#define MAX_MCLASS  128

msched-common.h:#define MMAX_CLASS  128


(this is presumably to change the max classes to 128 [from 16])


And as I mentioned before:

msched.h:#define MMAX_JOB           25*1024


(I know I can fix with routing queues, but the top ones are necessary)



So I'd notice that maui would become unresponsive (except to kill -9) and
sometimes exit.  The log simply said "received signal 11"-sign of a seg


Any ideas if changing those params from defaults could cause the seg fault?
If not, it may be some other server config changes (though nothing major has


I can provide showconfig output if need be



Sam Rash

srash at yahoo-inc.com




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