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Cluster Resources Newsletter – July 2006
Optimizing your Compute Resources



1.TORQUE Reaches 10,000 Downloads per Month
2.Moab 4.5.2 Beta Available
3.Cluster Resources Chooses site for Office in United Kingdom
4.DID YOU KNOW: Technical Training Videos

TORQUE Reaches 10,000 Downloads per Month

Terascale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager, more commonly known
as TORQUE, has averaged around 10,000 downloads per month for the past
five months.

TORQUE is maintained and commercially supported by Cluster Resources,
Inc.TM, and includes contributions from NCSA, OSC, USC, U.S. Department
of Energy, Sandia, PNNL, U of Buffalo, Teragrid and many other HPC
institutions. TORQUE offers improved usability and scalability over
previous derivatives, and has continued to grow based on the value it
provides at the price of $0.00.

“The growth in functionality and popularity of TORQUE is a great
testament to the vigor of the community,” said David Jackson, CEO of
Cluster Resources. “We are pleased to be part of TORQUE's success, and
we look forward to continuing this same path.”

Moab Cluster Suite 4.5.2 Soon to be in Beta

After nearly six months of development, Moab Cluster Suite® 4.5.2 will
soon be released in beta. Cluster Resources projects that a full-
production version of 4.5.2 will be available a few month after the
beta release.

Three of the many enhancements to the new version are hierarchical
fairshare trees, the ability to dynamically grow and shrink a job and
command line logging. The hierarchical fairshare trees will allow
administrators to form arbitrary groups of users or accounts and
allocate an arbitrary percentage of cluster usage to each group. This
increased ability to divide workload allocation will result in greater
flexibility in running jobs.

Moab's enhanced ability to dynamically grow and shrink a job will
conserve resources over time as a job requests to use more or fewer
nodes. For example, previously, if a job needed four nodes when it
started, and two hours later it needed eight nodes, all eight nodes had
to be allocated to that job for the entire duration of the job. Now,
however, Moab can dynamically change how many nodes a job uses over
time. This means the other four nodes that were wasted at the beginning
of our example job could be used for another job for those two hours.

The command line logging feature tracks when commands are entered to
Moab and who entered them. This will be particularly useful on systems
with multiple administrators who all enter commands. Moab will
automatically track who did what and when they did it.

Check http://www.clusterresources.com over the next few month to find
more information on Moab 4.5.2 beta.

Cluster Resources Chooses Site for Office in United Kingdom

Cluster Resources' president, Michael Jackson, attended the
International Supercomputer Conference in Dresden, Germany at the end
of June. During that trip he visited the United Kingdom to evaluate
possible sites for Cluster Resources' announced UK office
-UK-office.pdf). After narrowing down the options, the selected site is
the Cambridge Science Park Innovation Centre, located about one mile
north of the Cambridge City Centre.

“The rich history of the area combined with the high-technology focus
of the facilities make the Cambridge Science Park an ideal location for
our expansion,” Jackson said. “The new European base of operations will
allow us to help more customers around the world during their business
hours as we continue to develop the functionality and value Moab adds
to their systems.”

Cluster Resources plans to open the UK office in September or October.
The exact date has yet to be determined.

DID YOU KNOW: Technical Training Videos Available at Cluster Resources'
Web Site

If you have questions about TORQUE, Moab or cluster administration in
general, training on those subjects that normally costs $210 per hour
is available for free at your own convenience. In February, 2006,
Cluster Resources offered two days of free training via online
demonstrations and phone conference. Cluster Resources recorded the
training sessions which include Power Point slides and walk-through
demonstrations. The recorded sessions are available for viewing in
Flash format, and the Power Point presentations are available for
download at http://www.clusterresources.com/techtraining.

The training consists of nine sessions addressing cluster overview,
deployment, diagnostics and troubleshooting, optimization and uptime,
end users, political sharing and service delivery, reporting and
monitoring, grid computing, utility/host computing, and TORQUE resource
manager. The majority of the training focuses on how Moab facilitates
and automates certain aspects of cluster administration. A time-coded
index is available to aid in finding desired training materials.

Whether you already have TORQUE or Moab and want a refresher on key
concepts, or have neither and want to investigate their capabilities,
these videos are valuable resources. If you have other questions that
are not addressed in the training videos, documentation can be found at
http://www.clusterresources.com/documentation, or contact us at
info at clusterresources.com.

Contact Us:
Product Feedback, Technical Support, Consulting and Custom Development
queries can be sent to info at clusterresources.com or call us at +1 (801)

Moab Workload Manager®, Moab Cluster Manager® and Moab Access Portal® are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Cluster Resources IncorporatedTM.

This newsletter contains forward-looking information which may be
affected by conditions in or outside of Cluster Resources, Inc. In the
event of changing conditions, Cluster Resources will not be accountable
for information that becomes obsolete.

* TORQUE Resource Manager software developed by NASA Ames Research
Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Veridian
Information Solutions, Inc. Visit www.OpenPBS.org for OpenPBS software
support, products, and information. TORQUE is neither endorsed by nor
affiliated with Altair Grid Solutions, Inc.

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