[torqueusers] maui checknode message

Sam Rash srash at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Aug 1 12:28:13 MDT 2006

So I'm seeing this message when I run checknode on a node




  Job '24496'(x1)  -00:18:49 -> 99:23:41:10 (99:23:59:59)

JobList:  28546,24496,28555

ALERT:  node is in state Busy but load is low (0.000)

ALERT:  RE table is corrupt

  RE[0] S 0

ALERT:  R[0] reservation does not have end event




The 'table is corrupt' line concerns me. Should I be?

Latest maui here with the pre-release 2.1.2 torque build I


Sam Rash

srash at yahoo-inc.com




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