[torqueusers] Submitting a graphical job to Torque in batch mode

Prakash Velayutham velayups at email.uc.edu
Wed Apr 26 08:08:28 MDT 2006


Does anyone know how I can submit a graphical mode application like 
scilab through qsub? I have an input script file that I want scilab to 
use (instead of interactive means), and the output should automatically 
be generated in the working directory on the compute node.

But this is what I get:

loginnode> qsub -I -V -lnodes=alanine -qusers

prakash at alanine:/tmp> scilab -nwni -nb -f 
/usr/local/bin/scilab: line 27: 
/usr/local/encap/scilab-4.0/lib/scilab-4.0/pvm3/lib/pvmgetarch: No such 
file or directory
Error: Can't open display: localhost:11.0

Please note that the option -nwni means "start Scilab without user 
interaction (batch mode)", -nb means "do not display the Scilab banner 
at starting time" and -f means "execute the scilab script given in File 
I am sending this question to scilab list also, but if someone here has 
a similar setup working, I could get some pointers here.


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