[torqueusers] new version of MyPBS released

Glen Beane glen.beane at jax.org
Mon Apr 24 11:34:54 MDT 2006

MyPBS (http://my-pbs.sourceforge.net/), an accounting system for 
Torque/PBS based on MySQL, php, and perl has just released a new version 
(0.8.4).  This version consisted primarily of bug fixes and enhancements 
to the web front end.

MyPBS supports credit, debit, and mixed-mode (debit with no overdraft 
prevention) accounting models. It allows users to be associated with 
multiple projects, and it allows multiple clusters to share a single 
accounting database.

These guys would love to have some community involvement - all of the 
original team as left UMaine for bigger and better things, as have some 
other large contributors. Without community involvement, the development 
of My-PBS will slow considerably. If anyone would like to become 
involved, (or even if you just want help justify the authors efforts by 
letting them know your site uses MyPBS), contact the team via their 
sourceforge project.

Glen L. Beane
The Jackson Laboratory
Software Engineer II
Phone (207) 288-6153

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