[torqueusers] Distribution of jobs on nodes

Hans Meier ma2412ma at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 24 02:49:54 MDT 2006

I have 16 nodes with np=3 per node. I have only one queue. The jobs get 
distributed on the nodes as follows: The first 3 jobs occupy a node, and 
then the fourth job gets a new node. Then, this node gets the next 2 jobs 
until it is full, and the 7th job gets the next free node, and so on.

However, I would like the distribution to be as follows:
The first job should be on one node. The next job should be on the next free 
node, and so on, until all 16 nodes have one job. The 17th job should then 
be the second job on a node, until all 16 nodes have 2 jobs. And so on.

How can I do this? I assume this has nothing to do with the scheduler (I'm 
using pbs_sched) but with the server itself.


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