[torqueusers] Change policy of pbs_sched

Hans Meier ma2412ma at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 22 03:28:54 MDT 2006

Now that torque is finally up and running, I want to change the scheduling 
policy (I'm using pbs_sched). I have 16 nodes with np=3, and if I submit a 
lot of job, the first node gets the first three jobs and then the second 
node is filled, then the third, and so on. However, I would like the 
scheduler to first submit one job to each node, and only if every node is 
busy with one job should a node be assigned a second job, and so on.

I've alreade looked at the config files in sched_priv, but I can't find this 
option, since all jobs are inside one queue.


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