[torqueusers] more to add to my problem..

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Fri Apr 21 09:52:27 MDT 2006

>  why is this if I have exavcly the same config as the rest of the openpbs
> nodes, those torque needs more entries? etc...

Did I understand correctly that you are running a mixed openPBS / torque

I'm not exactly an protocol expert w/ the changes made to torque, but you
simply shouldn't run THAT mix; using different minor version within torque
is okay.
Torque did some changes to allow for dynamic changing of nodes, so the 
protocol could've changed dramatically.
That might be the cause for the rejections (moms maintain an authorized host 

mom_priv/config should contain the following (minimum):

$restricted *.<YOUR_DOMAIN>


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