[torqueusers] torque question

Marc Noguera marc at klingon.uab.es
Thu Apr 20 10:20:33 MDT 2006

Hello all,
I  am having some trouble with the use of torque. I have a torque 
server+sched installed on our 60 node cluster. It is running very well 
and I have no problem for the normal use.
However, I need to execute some very short jobs on some queues in an 
interactive way. I have checked the -I option which basically gives me a 
shell in the asked node. This shell waits for the logout and appears in 
the queue as a normal job. I think this is the expected behaviour. 
However I would like to pass some options to the qsub -I order, in such 
a way that it logs out automatically after executing them and returns 
control of the initial shell afterwards. Such option could be the name 
of a script to be executed or even simpler orders. Is that possible wiht 
the "-I" option, or should I use some other option? I have checked the 
man pages and found nothing that suits.
Thanks in advance
Marc Noguera Julian
Tecnic suport a la Recerca/System Administrator
Despatx c7-149
Quimica Física - Universitat Autonoma Barcelona
08193, Cerdanyola del Vallès.
Barcelona, Catalunya.
Tef: 34 93 5812173
Fax: 34 93 5822920

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