[torqueusers] Unauthorized request in qmgr

Hans Meier ma2412ma at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 20 12:17:58 MDT 2006

>That's because you never set the server_name file correctly.
>When you build it yourself from source, server_name defaults to the
>hostname of the build host.  While not fool-proof, it ends up being the
>correct answer most of the time.
>Obviously debs and rpms don't have that luxury and have to default to
>something silly like "localhost."  Maybe something like
>"missed-a-step-in-the-docs" would be useful.

Well, the strange thing is that I did try that before - I set server_name to 
fdpmirs011, but then I got another error message: "Access from host not 
allowed, or unknown host."

I think it only worked because I started qmgr with the option fdpmirs011 (of 
course with fdpmirs011 in server_name) - starting qmgr without arguments did 
not work and resulted in those errors.


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