[torqueusers] couldn`t find pbs module when install ganglia-pbs

=?gb2312?B?yM7R5cHB?= renyl at mails.ccnu.edu.cn
Mon Apr 17 01:29:33 MDT 2006

Dear Every body:
    Today I have successfully install the ganglia monitor system, but the proble
is happened when I install the gangle_pbs_0.9.13, when I runing the pbs_stat.py
the erro is:
File "./pbs_stat.py", line 40, in?
import pbs
ImportError: No module named pbs

It seems the error is couldn`t find the pbs module in my system, but I couldn`t
how to install this module, if this module can be autoinstall when we install pbs.
Hope some body can give me some help.

Best Regard!

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