[torqueusers] Who can recommend one web-base monitor soft for openpbs

=?gb2312?B?yM7R5cHB?= renyl at mails.ccnu.edu.cn
Sun Apr 16 01:32:42 MDT 2006

Dear everybody:
    I want to install on web-based schedulor monitor software for openpbs, I have
try to install the order version pbsweb (0.9 butf), but some source couldn`t
compiled normally. I also find the the modify version of pbsweb by yuan-chung
Cheng : http://www.supercluster.org/pipermail/torqueusers/2004-March/000411.html,
but I couldn`t download this soft according to the address normally. In addition,
I am interested in to ganglia_pbs, but I don`t know where can download the ganglia
and how to install it, who can give me some advice, which web interface is much
more efficency and more stabilization. thanks advance!
   Best Regard!

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