[torqueusers] Allocating nodes to queues

Austin Godber godber at mars.asu.edu
Fri Apr 14 09:29:51 MDT 2006

Jacques Foury wrote:
> Haavard Bjerke a écrit :
>> Is it possible to allocate different sets of nodes to different
>> execution queues with Torque, Maui or Moab?
>> Any help would be appreciated.
> This topic should definitely be put in a FAQ... as it is asked 3 or 4
> times a year.
> Here is the method I use there :
> - colorize the nodes, ie in the server_priv/nodes file of Torque, put
> attributes like that :
> callas01 np=2 opteron
> callas02 np=2 opteron
> abeille01 np=2 xeon
> abeille02 np=2 xeon
> - then use the color in the queues :
> set queue intel resources_default.nodes = 1:xeon
> set queue intel resources_default.neednodes = xeon
> set queue amd resources_default.neednodes = callas
> set queue amd resources_default.nodes = 1:callas
> - finally for MAUI to take it in account, put the 2 lines in maui.cfg :
> CLASSCFG[opteron]
> CLASSCFG[xeon]
> Then when you submit jobs use the queues "intel" for xeon nodes and
> "amd" for opteron nodes.

did you mean opteron rather than callas:
  set queue amd resources_default.neednodes = opteron
  set queue amd resources_default.nodes = 1:opteron

The maui config bit CLASSCFG[opteron] is probably what I need to fix the
problem of moving jobs from one colored queue to another.  Right now, I
don't have that and if I move a job sent to the opteron queue to the
xeon queue it won't run because the jobs still require an opteron node.



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