[torqueusers] How to select node for queue

=?gb2312?B?yM7R5cHB?= renyl at mails.ccnu.edu.cn
Thu Apr 13 22:03:08 MDT 2006

Dear everybody:
    I want to creat queue m2G for pbs, which should only include node1,node2,node3
and node4, how I should do by using the qmgr command. my previous config is
# For queue
create queue m2G
set queue m2G required_property=m2G
#  For node
set node node1 properties=m2G
set node node2 properties=m2G
set node node3 properties=m2G
set node node4 properties=m2G

But this config couldn`t be recognized by maui progam, the maui ALERT:
cannot locate host '2#m2G' for job hostlist, who can give me some advice to
correct config the queue. Thanks advance!

Best regard!

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