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fanchun fanchun at pku.edu.cn
Thu Apr 13 20:35:46 MDT 2006

Hi, Arora,
Would like to test if you can rsh each nodes correctly? I got the same =
when I could just ssh each nodes but not rsh. After I changed come =
to be able to rsh, it run well.


Peking University, P.R.China

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=D6=F7=CC=E2: [torqueusers] job submission from remote hosts


I have a question regarding the default behavior of acl_host_enable and=20
acl_hosts parameters in torque server and queue config. According to the =

manuals, default value of acl_host_enable is false, which allows all=20
remote hosts to submit jobs to the server. But this isn't working.

We have torque-2.0.0p2 and without changing the default values of these=20
parameters, a remote host (with pbs client commands only) fails to=20
submit jobs to our main pbs_server. The error returned is "qsub: Bad UID =

for job execution". The passwd file entries are the same on these two=20
machines, so the UID does match.

Am I missing something here?

There are references to the ALLOWCOMPUTEHOSTSUBMIT and SUBMITHOSTS=20
parameters in the torque.cfg file, at other places on this forum. Are=20
these torque.cfg entries required, even with the above mentioned pbs=20
configs? What's the relation between these two sets of config =


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