[torqueusers] Cannot configure torque-2.0.0p8

James Clark ma2412ma at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 12 12:43:49 MDT 2006

I'm trying to install torque under Debian Testing. To that end, I'm using 
checkinstall in order to build a real Debian (.deb) package. In the source 
directory of the unpacked torque archive, I type:
# ./configure
# make
# checkinstall
This gives me a file called torque_2.0.0p8-1_i386.deb, which I install with 
dpkg -i torque_2.0.0p8-1_i386.deb.

After that, I follow the admin guide to set up the server, i.e. I type:
# pbs_server -t create

However, I receive the following error message:
PBS_Server: unable to open lock file
PBS_Server: No such file or directory (2) in PBS_Server, PBS_Server: unable 
to open lock file

What's wrong? I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance,

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