[torqueusers] Node Selections

ERIC M REISCHER emr150 at psu.edu
Wed Apr 12 14:09:07 MDT 2006

In reading the various manpages, I see that by passing the "-l nodes=xxx"
argument to the qsub command will reserve the listed nodes for the job
execution, but is there a way to give the scheduler a "selection list" of nodes
from which to choose?  Each one of my jobs needs to use 1 and only 1 node (or
rather, processor), but my users want to be able to select which nodes for
their jobs to run on.  This way if it's daylight hours, they can submit jobs to
their own and one or two other machines without disrupting other people's work.

What I do right now is a round-robin call to qsub with sequential node names
being passed to the "-l nodes=" argument, but this unfortunately doesn't
load-balance between nodes.  I want to be able to submit to the queue, saying
"only run on one of these nodes when it becomes available".  That way, the
scheduler will load balance, and they won't be running on nodes they don't want

I thought about adding a unique resource to each node in the nodes file and then
specifying a list of resources, but then the scheduler would be looking for a
single node with all of those resources, correct?


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