[torqueusers] Node Configuration

Paul Van Allsburg vanallsburg at hope.edu
Tue Apr 11 14:02:11 MDT 2006

I've come across the External reference from Rel 2.2 by MRJ to the 
release of PBSPro v5.4.  Is there a doc that shows the development time 
line and forks of PBS?  I've got torque1.2.0p2 on a cluster & I'm trying 
to pull the correct documents together for it other than what was in the 
tar ball.  Thanks!  -paul van allsburg

nathaniel.x.woody at gsk.com wrote:
> I actually agree on the lack of availability of the ERS document, that 
> seems like something that someone ought to host.
> If you google for "PBS External reference", you will find a couple of 
> places where you can download it, but I don't know what the official 
> source for this ought to be.  It seems like you should be able to get it 
> along with PBS admin manual on the Torque site.
> You probably already found these, but the _attributes man pages have 
> been the best source of information for me (pbs_job_attributes, 
> pbs_server_atrributes, etc).  I stumbled across those as they don't seem 
> to be mentioned in the Torque documentation anywhere either.
> On a more general note, who is responsible for the Torque manual?  I 
> along with Eric would be willing to try to contribute some documentation 
> wordage as I've had to figure out a number of things that don't seem to 
> be in the documentation.  Is there a person or group of people that we 
> should feed that type of contribution to?
> Best,
> Nate
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> 	Re: [torqueusers] Node Configuration

>  >
>  >> things, but each time I submit 3 jobs to the queue, all 3 of them go 
>  >> to
> the first node in my grid.
>  >
>  > Most likely it is the old:
>  >
>  > #> set server default_node = 1
>  >
>  > missing. Set this via qmgr.
>  >
>  > You may also set
>  >
>  > #> set server resources_available.nodect = 12
>  >
>  > and restart the pbs_server afterwards.
> Is there a concise list somewhere of available options to the
> resources_available command, or more generally, arguments you can pass 
> to the
> set server command (I read the admin guide cover to cover, and it only 
> seems to
> list commands here and there.  It frequently references the "ERS", but I
> haven't been able to find this document anywhere.
>  >> Also, a sortof related question, what effect, if any, does the np=X 
>  >> node
> attribute have on scheduling?
>  >
>  >
>  > This only says: this node may get X jobs because it has X processors.
>  > You really should take a look into the torque admin manual  :)
> Again, I did, but wasn't able to find much.  IIRC, the only place I came 
> across
> the np= option was on a manpage, I think, and it was only in an example 
> without
> any real desription.
> On that note, if you need assistance with the documentation, I might be 
> able to
> help write manpages and the like.  Of course, I'd need to learn more about
> torque to avoid a sort of "blind leading the blind" type situation, but 
> I can
> at least help to condense the documentation into a set of concise 
> manpages and
> quick reference guides.
> Cheers,
> Eric

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