[torqueusers] Node Configuration

ERIC M REISCHER emr150 at psu.edu
Tue Apr 11 08:33:34 MDT 2006

>> things, but each time I submit 3 jobs to the queue, all 3 of them go >> to
the first node in my grid.
> Most likely it is the old:
> #> set server default_node = 1
> missing. Set this via qmgr.
> You may also set
> #> set server resources_available.nodect = 12
> and restart the pbs_server afterwards.

Is there a concise list somewhere of available options to the
resources_available command, or more generally, arguments you can pass to the
set server command (I read the admin guide cover to cover, and it only seems to
list commands here and there.  It frequently references the "ERS", but I
haven't been able to find this document anywhere.

>> Also, a sortof related question, what effect, if any, does the np=X >> node
attribute have on scheduling?
> This only says: this node may get X jobs because it has X processors.
> You really should take a look into the torque admin manual  :) 

Again, I did, but wasn't able to find much.  IIRC, the only place I came across
the np= option was on a manpage, I think, and it was only in an example without
any real desription.

On that note, if you need assistance with the documentation, I might be able to
help write manpages and the like.  Of course, I'd need to learn more about
torque to avoid a sort of "blind leading the blind" type situation, but I can
at least help to condense the documentation into a set of concise manpages and
quick reference guides.


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