[torqueusers] Routing jobs to virtual nodes

Haavard Bjerke havard.bjerke at cern.ch
Wed Apr 5 06:29:50 MDT 2006

I have the following cluster setup.

Server node:

Client nodes:
hostB-1 slc3
hostB-2 slc4
hostC-1 slc3
hostC-2 scl4

I can route jobs that I want to execute on an slc3 machine with a parameter:

echo "hello_world" | qsub -l nodes=1:slc3

And all jobs that I want to execute are serial and use one node only.

However, hostB-1 and B-2 are two virtual machines on the same real 
machine, hostB, as are hostC-1 and C-2 of hostC. Therefore, I want jobs 
to be routed to hostB-1 only if hostB-2 is not currently executing a job 
and hostC-1 otherwise, ie. jobs should be routed to the real machine 
with the most available resources.

Does anyone know if this is possible using torque? Perhaps using one 
queue per real machine?

If not, any ideas on how to implement this?

CERN openlab

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