[torqueusers] Post-job queueing process

Piotr Siwczak psiwczak at man.poznan.pl
Thu Sep 29 03:09:02 MDT 2005


Chodzi o parametry kompilacji. Jest skrypt, ktory kompiluje calego 
charmma: install.com.
P. Kulinski uzywa zmodyfikowanego przez siebie skryptu install_tk.com. 
Skrypt ten przyjmuje rozne parametry (takze zwiazane z MPI). Probuje 
roznych argumentow, lecz kompilacja wyklada sie w roznych momentach. Od. 
P. Kulinskiego potrzebuje wlasciwych parametrow, ew. nowej wersji skryptu.

Do konca tyg. jestem na delegacji, wiec zajme sie tym w nastepnym tyg.

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On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Ronny T. Lampert wrote:

> Hi,
>> 1) What actually triggers the scheduler (assuming the default
> The scheduler is triggered via the pbs_server, not by itself.
> That also means you'll trigger it when you submit a new job.
> The key you are maybe looking for is:
> qmgr> set server scheduler_iteration = <SECONDS>
>> 2) What is the alarm_time in the scheduler for?
> How long a scheduling run may take.
> If you have a _LARGE_ number of jobs you may want to increase this time,
> else the _scheduler restarts (via exec()) itself.
> In a scheduling run all jobs descriptions are fed to the scheduler.
> I had problems, because I am installied PBS into a custom dir, it's path not
> in the $PATH.
>> 3) The find_best_node() routine tries to find nodes for a job only when
>> the job itself does not request nodes resource. In this case when the
>> scheduler does a pbs_runjob request to the server, it does not specify a
>> node to run job on? So how would the scheduler know whether there are
>> enough nodes available in the system?
> I dont know enough to answer that.
> I though the scheduler decides which job to run next and the server mapps
> the job onto the physical nodes.
> Cheers,
> Ronny
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