[torqueusers] clarified job notification mail message

Tony Vu tonyv at sdsc.edu
Tue Sep 20 12:23:54 MDT 2005

When a job exceeds its wallclock time and PBS kills it which is  
considered an abort, users will receive the following email message:

PBS Job Id: 234480.hostname.host
Job Name:   PBS_Mail_Test
job deleted
Job deleted at request of root at host

Can this email message be supplemented with another message or  
modified so that there is some indication that the job exceeded its  
wallclock time?  The way it currently is set isn't very informative  
or helpful to users.  Something along the lines of...

PBS Job Id: 234480.hostname.host
Job Name:   PBS_Mail_Test
Job aborted
Your job was aborted after running for <walltime used> because its  
runtime exceeded the specified wallclock time.


Tony Vu
HPC Systems Engineer
San Diego Supercomputer Center
tonyv at sdsc.edu

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