[torqueusers] job overrun: torque vs. maui

Daniel Widyono widyono at seas.upenn.edu
Tue Sep 20 08:54:44 MDT 2005

Hrm.  I just checked the source of 1.2.0p4 (which is currently in production)
as well as 1.2.0p6, and it seems to be hardcoded into MOM to kill if walltime
exceeds limit.  This does not jive with an external scheduler's control.

Are there current plans to modify this to enable the scheduler to tell Torque
what to do in certain situations like walltime overrun?

Dan W.

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 10:38:09AM -0400, Daniel Widyono wrote:
> We have a JOBMAXOVERRUN setting of 99:99:99:99 in maui.cfg which seems to be
> ignored by Torque:

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