[torqueusers] Torque/maui jobs terminated prematurely

David Golden dgolden at cp.dias.ie
Mon Sep 19 17:54:45 MDT 2005

On 2005-09-19 18:16:51 -0400, Robin Humble wrote:
> the workaround was to put
>   ulimit -n 32768      # an OSCAR default?
>   ulimit -s unlimited  # crank up stacksize
> in /etc/init.d/pbs_mom so that these limits are raised before the
> pbs_mom daemon is started.(*)
> ...
> (*) however raising the stacksize seems to have broken i/o from the
> Intel fortran compiler which for some reason buffers i/o onto the stack
> until it runs out of space and only then flushes it to disk.

Using a large but finite stacksize might work better than
"unlimited" ?  e.g. ulimit -s 500000 ...

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