[torqueusers] transition to maui.

Chris Johnson johnson at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 16 06:01:48 MDT 2005

     Hey people.

     So I've fired up a mini-cluster to play with maui.  Seems to be
holding its own nicely.  Of course there are only 4 nodes.  

     But now I'm thinking to go bigger with it by replacing the C
scheduler on the whole cluster.  However, we would like to maintain the same
scheuling functions we have running now.  Examples;

round_robin: False      all
strict_fifo: false      ALL
fair_share: false       ALL
help_starving_jobs      true    ALL
sort_queues     true    ALL
load_balancing: false   ALL  
max_starve: 24:00:00

etc.  iWe also have things like node_pack = False set up.  Are there any 
guidelines or correspondences between the two I could use or should know 
about?  What might and might not translate?

     Many thanks.

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