[torqueusers] Re: LAM-MPI won't boot with torque-1.2.0p6

garrick garrick at usc.edu
Thu Sep 15 11:42:21 MDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 07:01:18PM +0200, Ole Holm Nielsen alleged:
> Garrick Staples wrote:
> >>Question:  Is Torque's LAM-MPI "tm" boot schema supposed to be
> >>>working correctly with torque-1.2.0p6 ?  I'd love to get it to
> >>>work because of the performance improvements promised in the
> >>>LAM-MPI documentation.
> > 
> >It absolutely should be working.  Can you try something really simple
> >like 'pbsdsh hostname' in your job?  Optionally, 'pbsdsh -v hostname'.
> >If it is failing, check the mom logs with an increased loglevel.
> The result is very interesting, showing obvious errors:
> $ pbsdsh -v hostname
> pbsdsh: spawned task 0
> pbsdsh: spawned task 1
> pbsdsh: spawned task 2
> pbsdsh: waiting on 3 spawned and 0 obits
> spawn event returned: 0
> error 17000 on spawn
> pbsdsh: waiting on 2 spawned and 0 obits
> spawn event returned: 1
> error 15010 on spawn
> pbsdsh: waiting on 1 spawned and 0 obits
> spawn event returned: 2
> error 15010 on spawn
> I also tried pbsdsh 'echo $PATH', as seen in the logs below,

That second command won't work anyways.  pbsdsh doesn't spawn a shell.
You'd have to do: pbsdsh sh -c 'echo $PATH'

> Question: What is the meaning of these errors, and what may possibly
> be wrong ?

I dunno, but I'll investigate.

> Can you possibly remind me how to increase the MOM log-level,
> and how to make pbs_mom reread its config file ?

It's in the pbs_mom manpage, but sending MOM USR1 signals increases the
loglevel, and a SIGHUP rereads the config file.  

And new in 1.2.0p6: 
   momctl -q loglevel=X -h host,host,...

Garrick Staples, Linux/HPCC Administrator
University of Southern California
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