[torqueusers] Exclusive Nodes

Piotr Siwczak psiwczak at man.poznan.pl
Thu Sep 15 08:29:26 MDT 2005

You could probably define the node as np=1 in pbs_server's config file 
called "nodes".

This would allow only one job to run at a time. Anyway I don't know if I 
get it right: do You want to assign jobs exclusively only to a given job, 
or to make them "exclusive" permanently (only one job at a time regardles 
of the user running it).


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On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Clifton Kirby wrote:

> On page 4 of the PBS administrators guide there is mention of "Exclusive
> Nodes".  How would you define them in the server nodes file?
> I have a situation where my user only wants one CPU from a dual CPU system
> but wants exclusive access to the system to avoid a second job running on
> the system since one CPU is still available from PBS.  The PBS directive is
> "nodes=2:ppn=1" and he does not want two processes on the machine as in
> "nodes=2:ppn=2".  Is there a mechanism for qsub or a PBS directive to allow
> for what he is doing or can I simply define the nodes as "Exclusive"?
> Thanks!
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