[torqueusers] email notification problem

Adam Tenderholt atenderholt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 17:31:13 MDT 2005


I recently installed torque and maui, and job submission via qsub works 
great. However, if I specify email notification with '-m ea -M 
adam at address.com' at the beginning of a script with #PBS commands (along 
with -l nodes=1:ppn=2,mem=50mb), I don't get an email notification when a 
job finishes. 

Sendmail is running, and I can send an email via the mail command. Also, 
something I don't understand is that I can create a script that correctly 
sends an email (mail -s "test" adam at address.com << eor \ testing \ eor) but 
not if I submit this script via qsub.

I've looked all through the torque/maui/openpbs docs and can't find anything 
that says whether there is a configuration setting I need to add/change, 
except for the mail_from attribute of "server" which didn't seem to help 
(I've changed it from adm to another user just in case). 

Any ideas on whether these problems are torque/maui related or if it's a 
problem with my sendmail configuration?


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