[torqueusers] Unable to restart pbs_server

Seth Reid SREID at colsa.com
Wed Sep 14 15:18:56 MDT 2005

I just built a cluster to use to test cluster monitoring software, and I have run into a problem trying to restart the pbs_server.

I will kill the scheduler, maui, then kill the pbs_server. If I then try and start the pbs server again, I get:
PBS_Server:  Address already in use (98) in init_network, bind failed
pbs_server: network: Address already in use
PBS_Server: PBS_Server, init_network failed dis

and after that if I do "ps -ef | grep pbs" I get that pbs_iff is running and I can't kill it.

Mostly, where do I need to look to fix this so I can stop and restart the pbs_server?


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