[torqueusers] Abaqus with PBS

Michael Barnes mbarnes at compsci.wm.edu
Fri Sep 9 09:55:19 MDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 11:33:17PM +0800, group hpc wrote:
> Does anyone know how to setup Abaqus application to work with Torque
> and Maui in cluster environment? We are still struggling to get abaqus
> work on our cluster. We have installed abaqus on our cluster (Master
> Node), but will grab the license from other license server. The job
> able to run directly without go thru scheduler. However, when we tried
> to submit the job thru scheduler, the job won't run due to the license
> problem. Does anyone know howto resolve this problem?

Odds are the problem is due to something missing or different in the
environment when running under the batch system vs running the program

Maybe using '-V' with qsub to import your current environment settings
will help.  Maybe checking your shell's initialization files when
running under a non-login and non-interactive situation (eg, running
rsh with a command).

In any event, whatever makes the abaqus program know how to use the
license server on the master node must be replicated in some way under
the batch system.

Hope this helps,


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