[torqueusers] pbs_mom question?

Alexander Zubkov green at sectorb.msk.ru
Wed Sep 7 15:28:39 MDT 2005

Hi. A have a couple of questions about pbs_mom.

1) Is it important for pbshome of pbs_mom to be keep its state between 
reboots? For example, if I have diskless nodes and want to put it in 
temporary filesystem, that resides in memory (ex. ramfs or tmpfs in linux)?

2) How musch "disk" space do pbs_mom occupy in pbshome? I found that it 
copies there stdin and stores stdout and stderr of a program. What else 
it keeps there? How much space it needs (or some exponent estimation if 
some)? Or there something else that can grow very big depending on some 

I need it to know to choose between to possibilities of placing pbshome 
on diskless nodes:
- occupy some memory of the node for tempopary file system
- make personal nfs-mounted dir for every node

Any answers greatly appreciated.

Alexander Zubkov

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