[torqueusers] sched_config options file - colons required?

Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
Wed Sep 7 16:17:54 MDT 2005

It looks like all the option names in $PBSHOME/sched_priv/sched_config
should be followed by a colon.  However, the default file does not have
colons on some of the option names.  For example:

   # fair_share - schedule jobs based on usage and share values
   #       PRIME OPTION
   fair_share: false       ALL

   # Help Starving Jobs -
   #       Jobs which have been waiting a long time will
   #       be considered starving.  Once a job is considered
   #       starving, the scheduler will not run any jobs
   #       until it can run all of the starving jobs.
   #       PRIME OPTION
   help_starving_jobs      false   ALL

Note that "fair_share" has a colon, but "help_starving_jobs" does not.

Is the colon required?
Is the colon optional?
Is this a bug in the default config file?

--- Rick Ingham, Expeditors Int'l / IS
---- RICK.INGHAM at EXPEDITORS.COM  (206) 674-3400 x3284   FAX  246-3197

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