[torqueusers] req_quejob explanation

Prakash Velayutham velayups at email.uc.edu
Sat Sep 3 18:17:01 MDT 2005


Can anyone tell me how a new incoming job from a client gets
processed in Torque? I can see that it is handled by the
wait_request() routine which in turn passes it to
process_request() call. My understanding is that in here, the
request gets sorted out into different types and if it is a
new job, it gets the tag of PBS_BATCH_QueueJob. Then it gets
processed by the dispatch_request() routine which calls

Now as far as I can see, the job only gets added to the
svr_newjobs list. What is the sequence after that? When
exactly does the job get into QUEUED state and when does the
job actually get sent to MOM? And what does the close_quejob
code do and why do we have that?

Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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