[torqueusers] Another log_event level thought

Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
Thu Sep 1 12:50:09 MDT 2005

Seems to me that the current implementation of log_event class logging
control works on message classes, such as logging all requests processed.

What would be more useful in our environment would be a severity level type
hierarchy and a way to reduce the level of logging messages based on now
much detail we wanted based on the severity of the log message.  For
example, requests that can satisfied might be at an INFO severity level but
if the request failed for some reason, that would be at an ERROR level.
Having a severity threshold in the logging subsystem then would allow us to
not log INFO level messages but continue to log ERROR level messages that
may indicate an issue to be resolved.

This does not appear to be how the logging works now.  This seems to me
like a good enhancement request to the current logging system adding a
severity level to all log messaging and a severity threshold for what
actually makes it into the log.  I see this as being able to work in
concert with the current class/function based masking as well.  If the
log_event mask indicates it's a logging class message desired, and the
severity level is at or above the threshold, then write the message to the

Other suggestions or insights?

--- Rick Ingham, Expeditors Int'l / IS
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