[torqueusers] Dialing down log_events

Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com Rick.Ingham at expeditors.com
Thu Sep 1 12:04:16 MDT 2005

Currently we have qmgr server log_events set to 511 and mom_priv/config
$logevent set to 0x1ff.  We are generating a lot of log data, most appears
to represent normal message chit chat.

I have not been able to find a description of what the bits of the logging
represent to identify how I want to dial down the logging.  Is there a list
somewhere that documents each of the logging levels/bit flags?

I see this in: src/include/log.h

   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_SERVER   1   /* The server itself    */
   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_QUEUE    2   /* Queues       */
   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_JOB  3   /* Jobs         */
   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_REQUEST  4   /* Batch Requests   */
   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_FILE 5   /* A Job related File   */
   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_ACCT 6   /* Accounting info  */
   #define PBS_EVENTCLASS_NODE 7   /* Nodes            */

I see this in:  src/lib/Liblog/pbs_log.c

   static char *class_names[] = {
           "node" };

What I need is to eliminate normal chit-chat messages that do not indicate
any problems, and leave anything that would show challenges or root cause
of a communication of job handling/scheduling/execution problem.  I'm
guessing that I don't need _FILE or _ACCT.  If I remove _REQ will I loose
both normal request messages and any problem request messages alike?

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