[torqueusers] Altix cpusets

Tore H. Larsen torel at sgi.com
Mon Oct 31 08:01:47 MST 2005

Chris Samuel wrote:

>On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 11:48 pm, Jeroen van den Muyzenberg wrote:
>>Sorry Chris, but this *was* an SGI initiative. Much kudos to Paul Jackson
>>and indeed to SGI to GPL it (and everything else they've GPL'd!). Great
>>to see this work put into linux proper. The original design note starts
>>off as...
>Umm, I'm still pretty sure this is not what's gone into 2.6. Paul Jackson 
>himself wrote in July 2004 about the cpusets patch they were trying to get 
>into the mainline:
># The bulk of the code and much of the design work in this patch has
># been done by Simon Derr <Simon.Derr at xxxxxxxx> of Bull (France).
># The nodemask patch is a preliminary draft of work by Matthew
># Dobson, based on my cpumask patches.
Cpuset is in 2.6 SLES9SP2 kernel shipping with ProPack 4. The adds to
stock kernel can be seen in kernel.org changelogs for spesific kernels
(look at 2.6.5 and 2.6.7). There are some differences between 2.4.21
kernel on RHEL3 based ProPack 3 SPx and ProPack4 (which is based on SLES9).

- runon is depricated, using taskset command

and yes,

- cpuset is supported, as well as many of the Irix commands like dplace,
bootcpusets etc. Under ProPack4 ref:

What is shipping direct from Suse, I do not know, but I think it is
mostly the same, except for SGI performance enhancements like RT gfx
kernels, SGI Dmedia engancements etc.


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