[torqueusers] job id reset

Kai Uhlemann uhlemannk at ornl.gov
Fri Oct 28 09:10:32 MDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a HA headnode solution for scheduler and 
resource management using active replication.
Therefore I need identical process states between my headnodes. That 
implies, that all jobs in the queues on all the headnodes have always 
the same job id for identical jobs.
But, when hooking up a new headnode it starts counting the submitted 
jobs by incrementing from the last job id number.
However, how can I reset or even better, set the job id counter to a 
specific value? It does not has to be while submitting, but like 
reseting the value and then restart the pbs_server...
Any suggestions?


Kai Uhleman
Kai Uhlemann                            voice: 865-576-6205
Oak Ridge National Laboratory           fax:   865-576-5491
P. O. Box 2008, MS6164                  uhlemannk at ornl.gov
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6164                http://nextq.org/

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