[torqueusers] output/error file size limit?

gianfranco sciacca gs at hep.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Oct 28 11:58:29 MDT 2005

> > > You could try setting quotas on $PBS_HOME/spool on each of the compute
> > > nodes, if the OS and filesystem you're using support them.
> > > 
> > > 	--Troy
> > 
> > Setting user quotas on the spool directory is feasible. How is PBS going 
> > to treat a running job that happens to kill the quota?
> Off the top of my head, I suspect MOM won't notice.  Since it happily
> fills up partitions and doesn't abort the job when writes fail, it will
> probably not notice when writes fail from quota violations.
> We probably need to check for a write success somewhere.
> Another option is to use the mom health check script.  Have it check the
> file sizes and raise an error if one gets too big.  maui can coarsely
> kill jobs on nodes that raise errors.   moab has fine grained control
> based on the specific error message.

Thanks Troy and Garrick for the suggestion. I'll get on implementing 
some file size checks when I'll return from holidays in one week. Subject 
to usbeign able to switch to Maui, which we have been quite lazy 
about for some weeks now.


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