[torqueusers] output/error file size limit?

gianfranco sciacca gs at hep.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Oct 28 08:32:24 MDT 2005

We are looking at a way to limit the size of the .oJOBNUM and .eJOBNUM 
files generated by Torque without limiting the "real output" eg root 
files. In the odd case these files could grow so much they disrupt
the operation of the compute node they run on.

I looked at the man page for pbs_resources_linux and it has an option 
listed  as  "file      The  largest  size  of any single file that may be created                                                                            
by the job.  Units: size.

If I interpret this correctly, it that looks like it limits ALL output 
which is not very useful for our purpose. Is my interpretation correct, if 
yes, is there any other option to achieve the wished limitation?


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