[torqueusers] Altix cpusets

Jeroen van den Muyzenberg Jeroen.vandenMuyzenberg at csiro.au
Fri Oct 28 07:48:30 MDT 2005

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>> (SGI wrote it!).
> SGI contributed to it, I don't believe they originated it..
> http://lwn.net/Articles/127936/
> Copyright (C) 2004 BULL SA.
> Written by Simon.Derr at bull.net
> Portions Copyright (c) 2004 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
> Modified by Paul Jackson <pj at sgi.com>

Sorry Chris, but this *was* an SGI initiative. Much kudos to Paul Jackson
and indeed to SGI to GPL it (and everything else they've GPL'd!). Great
to see this work put into linux proper. The original design note starts
off as...

Process Scheduling and Memory Placement - CpuMemSet Design Notes

       Released to the public domain, by Paul Jackson, SGI, 2 July 2001.

       Revised and released again to the public domain, except for
portions marked subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General
Public License, by Paul Jackson, SGI, 8 October 2001, 31 October 2001,
14 November 2001, and 21 December 2001. 


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