[torqueusers] question on scheduling

lorenzo118 at interfree.it lorenzo118 at interfree.it
Fri Oct 28 01:04:32 MDT 2005

I'd like to know if it's possible to use torque with the standard scheduler (or with another one, like MAUI) to manage all jobs in a cluster in a preemptive way. For example, if I launch a job that take all nodes on the cluster, it's possible to launch another job (something that requests very few resources, for example) and run it immediately? It would be fine if the scheduler could subdivide resources on some processors for both jobs, or if it would be possible to assign an higher priority to the little job and temporary "freeze" the big one. In other words, it's possible to make the scheduler do a dynamic load balancing between different jobs? The idea should be that if I submit a new job, the job pratically never waits, but simply the scheduler launch it on the node with the most part of resources available. A similar thing is performed by Open-Mosix, but I'd like to do it wihtout modifying the kernel...
Thank you
Lorenzo Campo

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