[torqueusers] Using Torque with two different "pools" of processors.

Ronny T. Lampert telecaadmin at uni.de
Thu Oct 27 08:49:13 MDT 2005


> We recently bought a new SGI machine with 4 IA64 processors and we want to
> add it as if it was a new node.
> Can I create a new que ONLY for that machine ? So users chose which que
> they want to send the job. It would be very nice for users to keep on
> sending the jobs connecting to the same "central server"
> How do I allocate nodes to a que ?

You can.
That's what the resources_default.neednodes - attribute is for.

1) Create a new queue named e.g. SGIq.
2) Give the queue the needed attribute:

qmgr> set queue SGIq resources_default.neednodes=is_sgi

3) Create the new SGI node (either via qmgr or via nodes-file) and give it
the attribute is_sgi.

qgmr> create node <hostname> np=8,properties=is_sgi

And now users should submit to queue SGIq.

> Also, what happens if a user sends a 2processors job, so there's 2
> inactive processors, is it possible to allocate jobs till you reach the
> number of processors ?

Usually that's the whole idea of having a batch system :)
You should add the number of to the node with "np=<number>" (see above,
these setups 8 CPUs).

> Would I see the two ques when I issue the command "qstat" ?

Job id           Name             User             Time Use S Queue
---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------- - -----
198995.rk001tsd  eng-9999-S5      XXXXXXX          143:54:2 R default

You'll see another entry in the Queue-column.

Hope that helps (and I hope I'm right :)

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