[torqueusers] Problem with submit filter

Emir Imamagic eimamagi at srce.hr
Thu Oct 27 07:23:21 MDT 2005

Hi to all,

I'm using Torque 2.0 and I made a simple qsub wrapper for setting 
deafult account, but it seems that server ignores it.
My $PBS_HOME is /var/spool/pbs, so I created /var/spool/pbs/torque.cfg:
SUBMITFILTER    /opt/pbs/sbin/submit

I tested the submit script directly on example pbs script and it worked 
fine. After creating torque.cfg I restarted the server and when I 
submitted job default account was not added.

I also created test submit script that always outputs date command and 
Torque still ran the submitted job.

btw, I didn't find anything useful in logs.

Thanx in advance,

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