[torqueusers] Using Torque with two different "pools" of processors.

David McGiven david.mcgiven at fusemail.com
Wed Oct 26 07:23:30 MDT 2005

Dear TORQUE users,

I have a cluster of Pentium IV machines. I use OpenPBS as the que manager.
The users connect to a "central server" and submit their jobs with "qsub",
then that host distributes the jobs on the nodes (on a private switch).

We recently bought a new SGI machine with 4 IA64 processors and we want to
add it as if it was a new node.

(Please find below an ascii scheme)

Can I create a new que ONLY for that machine ? So users chose which que
they want to send the job. It would be very nice for users to keep on
sending the jobs connecting to the same "central server"

How do I allocate nodes to a que ?

Also, what happens if a user sends a 2processors job, so there's 2
inactive processors, is it possible to allocate jobs till you reach the
number of processors ?

Would I see the two ques when I issue the command "qstat" ?

Thank you very much in advance,

Best Regards,

David McGiven

             |-----------| SGI machine | 4 x IA64 processors
             |           |---------
         Campus LAN
             | Public ethernet
       | pbs_serv  | Linux server acting
       | pbs_sched | as a console to submit jobs
             | Private ethernet
            --- Private Gigabit Switch
           / | \
          /  |  \
       node node node   Linux Pentium IV nodes
                        running pbs_mom

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