[torqueusers] Programming problem

Cargnelli, Matthieu Matthieu.Cargnelli at eads.net
Mon Oct 24 09:38:41 MDT 2005

Hi all,

I've written a client programm that uses torque, and I ran into a weird 
problem : I want to submit a job with a user hold and then release the 
hold. But when I call the pbs_rsljob function it actually releases the 
hold (the job is queued then run), but the funtion never returns.
Here is the code I use to call the function.

printf("Took lock\n");
pbs_rlsjob(connect,job_id_cpy,USER_HOLD, NULL);
printf("Done, releasing lock\n");

The program prints "Took lock" and then hangs although the job is run on 
the server.

job_id_cpy is a char* wich contains the name of the job, and connect is 
the connection number.

By the way, are pbs functions thread safe ? I couldn't find any 
information on that point.

Has anyone ever eard of this problem ?


Matthieu Cargnelli

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