[torqueusers] ssh problems

Jacques Foury Jacques.Foury at math.u-bordeaux1.fr
Wed Oct 19 08:53:19 MDT 2005

Graziano Obertelli a écrit :

>I'm having problem with ssh passwordless authentication. I have 16
>machines controlled by torque/maui, and I have setup hostbased
>authentication amongst them, so no password is required when ssh from
>one to another. I have a simple script that simply calls ssh uname for
>all the hosts in the $PBS_NODEFILE, but ssh never comletes: it simply
>refuses to use hostbased authentication when ran from pbs.
>Does anybody know what I am doing wrong here?
We use user-based ssh passwordless connections. Users generate key pairs 
with ssh-keygen, and use empty passphrases. id_rsa.pub is then copied as 
authorized_keys in .ssh

This tip works fine with Torque/MAUI.

Jacques Foury
Ingénieur d'études
Laboratoire de Mathématiques Appliquées de Bordeaux
Université Bordeaux 1

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