[torqueusers] Exec format error. Wrong Architecture.

Leposavic, Aleksandar lepke at uic.edu
Thu Oct 13 14:45:41 MDT 2005

Hi everyone,

I haven't found any information on the subject so I am hoping someone has an
idea as to what is going on.
Namely when I compile a simple hello world in C using three different
compilers, and I submit the executable, I end up wit
        Exec format error. Wrong Architecture.

Now this can't be the case because I can execute the binary off the node
when I log in directly...
Any suggestions are welcome,

p.s. I am absolutely sure it is not the hardware issue as, both the master
and the nodes run rh9 and have identical hardware base, also I have tested
the executable off of the node and it executed fine.
pps I have managed to run simple bash scripts.

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