[torqueusers] Job Priorities and maui with torque

Jeff Blasius jeff.blasius at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 08:13:52 MDT 2005

Hello Everyone,
I tried to send this to the maui list, but it didn't seem to get
through. Does anybody have any experience getting maui to respect
torque's priorities (set with the -p flag)?

We are moving a group away from the torque scheduler to maui, but it
seems the more advanced priority scheme is causing them trouble.

What they normally do is submit jobs through a web interface that
lowers their priority throughout the day using "qsub -p". At the end
of the day the counter resets and the priority goes back to the
starting point. This enables power users to login and specify a higher
priority to make sure their job runs right away.

So, can I tweak maui in some way to respect the torque priorities? How
can I configure maui to respect hard priorities? That is, jobs with a
priority 2 will always run before priority 1.

Thank You,

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