[torqueusers] calculating cpu time

Doug Smith doug.smith at lasp.colorado.edu
Tue Oct 11 11:46:33 MDT 2005

This is a basic question but I seem to be getting conflicting answers 
from people.

When defining a queue in qmgr setting resources_max.cput = 24:00:00 
should set the maximum amount of cpu time a job can have right?  Is this 
a per CPU setting or a general cpu time setting? Meaning if I submit a 
job to 16 processors should it run for 1.5 hours (24hours/16processors) 
or will it run for 24 hours on each cpu?

I have gotten conflicting answers to this question.

And what if any relation does resources_max.wallclock have to this 
issue? I was under the impression that wallclock time meassured the time 
from when a job was submitted to when it terminated. If you set 
resources_max.wallclock = 48:00:00 a job could be in the system for 48 
hours in what ever stat E Q R... but that 48 hours after it was 
submitted it was going to get terminated by the scheduler/resource manager.

Is this correct?


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