[torqueusers] virtual processors, limit # of VP per node for a queue

Yaroslav Halchenko maui at onerussian.com
Thu Oct 6 06:59:43 MDT 2005

Dear Torquers from Maui,

I've been using this tandem for a while and I am happy with it, as far
as I don't need to adjust configuration because then it all becomes
contra-intuitive.  Currently all my dual-cpu boxes are configured as
having np=5. We don't have MPI funs, so this way I can easily
permit running long jobs without preemption (suspention) with lowered
nice level and then short jobs get executed as well because they get
scheduled in the other queues. Question now:

* how to setup that a queue (class) "verylong" cannot run more
  than 2 jobs per node (although node has 5 VP)?

Otherwise maui, if some node is currently busy with short jobs,
schedules 3 or even 4 jobs per single poor node because others have
already 2-3 running short jobs.

wouldn't work because as I understand MAXJOB is for the whole queue
across all the nodes, not per node

wouldn't work because a user is allowed to run more than 2 if no more
than 2 are from the same queue

I thought to try to do through the attributes, so every nody gets 2 of
attribute queue_verylong, and then tasks have to request that attribute.
but it looks awkward...

What would be a proper way to accomplish what I want? :-)

Thank you in advance for ideas

Yaroslav Halchenko
Research Assistant, Psychology Department, Rutgers-Newark
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